DC’s Mother Boxes Fully Explained

this distinction because the DC EU is not the main prime DC Universe the comic book readers know the DC EU takes creative liberties with a lot of the source.

Artemis and at least one Green Lantern Gallinger were able to defeat Steppenwolf forcing him to suffer his first and only retreat and after forcing Steppenwolf to retreat Zeus was able to use his powerful lightning to bust the unity into the three separate mother is that Stefan wolf had brought to earth so what happened to these mother boxes well one was left in the care of the Amazons and another was left in the care of the Atlanteans both guarded 24/7 and secured strongholds by their finest warriors the last one the one that was given to men they just they just buried that in the woods and they promise not to tell anybody.

Where it was they they basically just noped out of their responsibility and they didn’t even really bury it that deep look that holds like four feet deep max and there’s at least 20 people there you mean to tell me that nobody snitched this whole time I had no okay I digress regardless the mother boxes lay hidden underground until after World War one when they were discovered by the Allies and then delivered to the Wonder man who delivered the box to the Americans the Americans the of the New Teen Titans number one many many years in the future doctors Celaya stone came to be in possession of this mother box and after a catastrophic event that caused his son Victor stone to be nearly killed salius through sheer desperation was able to figure out.

How to actually activate the mother box to save his son’s life the mother box once activated began the process of creating a new body for Victor out of various other pieces of technology within STAR Labs and this process was clearly incredibly painful as Victor was forever changed taking the name cyborg Victor gained tremendous technological abilities from the process like the ability to interface with nearly all machinery flight and various advanced weaponry this process also linked Victor to the remaining mother boxes on earth causing his body to light up and react whenever the boxes are reactivated during Steppenwolf’s invasion this is evidenced as when Wonder Woman states Victor you can find the boxes you share their energy it’s frightening but if yougo under.

I promise we will pull you back out when Superman dies during the battle with doomsday and Batman for Superman dawn of Justice Zack Snyder recently revealed that his Scream was so loud that it was heard throughout the universe in this death scream awoke the final to dormant mother boxes this is further evidence by lex luthor’s line in Batman Vs Superman where he mentions that Superman’s death had rung a bell across the galaxy signaling that Superman is dead and that Earth is now vulnerable after being activated by the Man of Steel the mother boxes call out to Steppenwolf who was able to travel to the location of the box and Pema Sierra through a boom tube which allows for quick teleportation throughout the DC universe once Steppenwolf retrieved the mother box from the mascara he was able to swiftly move around the planet using similar boom tubes to recover the mother boxes in Atlantis and do other nefarious you know.

After seeing Steppenwolf smite the Justice League quickly begins to realize that they’re basically outclassed and wouldn’t be able to stop Steppenwolf without Superman Batman mentions that due to the fact that Kryptonian cells do not decay a jolt from an activated mother box could potentially bring Superman back to life using a combination of the remaining Kryptonian Genesis chamber and electrical charge generated by the flash in a dormant mother box the Justice League was able to successfully revive Superman Superman was however incredibly disoriented from the process and proceeded to thrash the entire league showing us that.

The mother box didn’t just wake him up but supercharged his powers two completely new levels due to the chaos caused by Superman’s resurrection the last mother box is left unguarded and Steppenwolf retrieves it without any real issue and he’s able to recreate the unity the unity begins the process of terraforming earth in cyborgs attempts to separat the boxes but is unsuccessful after suffering a nasty case of getting.

His leg ripped off but Superman collects himself arrives and immediately begins to change the course of the battle easily defeated the new God almost single-handedly and helping cyborg separate the unity the process of separating the mother boxes also seemingly destroyed them preventing further forces from arriving from apocalypse and essentially ending the conflict at least for now the remainder of the article is actually going to cover a couple elements that were not necessarily canon the DC EU but we’re supposed to be long-term plans for them other boxes in the DCEU.

The mother boxes were originally meant to play a significant role in Suicide Squad daviday are revealed on Twitter that enchantress was originally under the control of another box and apparently she was meant to activate a boom tube for Steppenwolf to travel through and battle the Suicide Squad how the Suicide Squad planned on winning that battle is beyond me but maybe they were never meant to win after all they are called the Suicide Squad but anyway that idea was scrapped after the Justice League.

Story was altered some other additional information comes from a variety of different sources that stated that the original plans for the mother box were that they would possess the spirit of Steppenwolf’s a mother Hagar ax inside of them which is where they gained their powers and abilities and basically the mother boxes when put together would essentially allow Steppenwolf to communicate with his dead mother spirit who possesses the mother boxes and would ultimately allow Steppenwolf to become strong enough to overthrow his uncle Darkseid.

Who is the current ruler of apocalypse the planet that Steppenwolf in the DC EU came from and that is so far the last time that we see the mother boxes in the DC EU as well as all of their powers capabilities and original plans they’re incredibly powerful as you can see and almost brought about the end of the world.

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