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Today we going to talk about the movie Iron Man is the first story of the entire series of the MCU, i.e., Marvel Cinematic Universe Without Wasting Time Start The Movie This story begins from the Kunar province area of Afghanistan where we see the US Send the army to the province of Afghanistan.

He waits for an arms dealer, and there is the entry of our beloved Genius Billionaire mango dealer, Tony Start, and he, along with some soldiers in an armored car, with the army men. In Are going, and when they reach him, there is a showdown. We chant a massive missile.

We find out that Tony Stark, who is working, has made a missile named Jari Ko and Jerry. To The missile is one such example of the entire world which can press any country in a pinch, and there, Turi also shows Ujjain a small sample of the missile, and at the same time, this is the most laser machine of the whole, i.e., Iron Man series. Our It comes to light when the poison hits the missile waves of Iron Man.

At the same time, we see that Iron Man is talking with another man on his mobile and tells him that we got this deal from Belly Near Made up Degi and holds the microphone and completes the deal again, is sitting in his car and heading towards his house.

Then we see that there is an attack of some terrorists on his vehicles, as well as that cannon, booked many Trains The soldiers present there help in such a way. Still, when they kill them all by firing terrorist bullets, they get out of the car to save their life, but they see that they have In He tries to get away from there to avoid falling into his company’s book a Bomma of Industries, but he breaks up due to which Tony Stark is badly injured by one.

Now the story here Of The flashlight is shown to us. The story reaches today, 36 hours before today, ie, eight days before we see Tony Stark being nominated to the Common Dealer of the Year when Tony Stark was younger when his father Howard Staff friend Obadiah Stane, together with him, laid the foundation of Steel Industries, where he used to invent common Delhi and many new inventions for the betterment of the public but we see that Tony staff is not present there and In their presence If not, then the application takes the reward of the Tourist there and there is another new character set reduce named Jeans Road Eating Fruit is the same one who stays with Tony Stark every time there are three shifts.

Is To Tony Starr in one of the big games The lawyer is there when the jeans road comes there and gives him the reward, then Tony refuses to take the prize to the level and says that I do not have a place in the house to keep these names and reward some actresses there. On He goes ahead from there, but then there is a Jalsa called Krrish-3 Everhard and she comes and tries to take that interview and tells her that the business of guns transactions Perfect for the whole world No longer, but then you say to me that one day there will be a world war and when we do not have guns, how can we help our people and because of these things between them Attraction Happens and Tony Star takes the team to his house, which happens to be Mali Book in California. You spend a night there and when Tony Stark wakes up, his personal assistant named Paper Parts returns there. is And Sir tells the Tourist that today your very own private private jet is waiting for you.

In Afghanistan, then I want you to get ready quickly and get ready for your Afghanistan deal quickly and its after In it, Tony Stark sits inside his famous Audi R8 and walks towards his private jet and guides delivery. When I was in class 8, I saw the first time Audi R8 in whatever movie came in 2008 and since then the family of this car Too Drinks are part of the jokes, come back to your story. When you start to reach your private plane, then its welcome starts its special friend and the two leave for Afghanistan’s match and there are three shifts. Happen In present time and now we see that Tony Stark is badly injured and there are some wires attached to his chest which are connected to a battery as well as the battery gives power to his body. doing It is then that Tony Stark wakes up in astonishment and a man standing nearby asks him where the hell happened, and then the hunger shows that inside a bomb, a lot of shrapnel had penetrated inside your body.

Of Because of that it was very difficult to get those thieves out, so I prepared an electro magnetic field with this battery which will help prevent those moments getting close to your heart. You will die if the electro magnetic field is taken out of the house. The same At the time, there is the entry of the leader of those terrorists, although his potato was visible in appearance, but when he is there, he tells Tony Stark that we have taken you captive and we will let you go only when you Us Seem to be like that, we will make this is a missile because we need that missile to attack the US but Tony Star refuses and says that I will not make this is a missile for people like you and terrorists then.

There But he takes Alubukhara Tourist out and shows him that we have all the weapons made by you Hari Company, the weapons which you sell to Miss US Army and others, all of them come and sell us at very expensive prices. Go And now we want that jerry to be the real specimen of the missile and if you want to save your life, then show us that jerry by making another sample of sweets only then we will not let you go from here, then again it comes in your cave and this Starts talking to us if you know any way to get out of here, then the fast tells that it is a mountainous area and no one can save you from here. The jeans road which was your army is also that, if I find it then only that Can’t get you out of here because there is a lot of hidden area, but who is leading the tendering, now 10 days where I will reveal you in this story in front of you, then Tony Stark tells the machine who in your family.

Who is it Then there Yash Antoine’s Church tells that I have a wife and a child in my family, I too like you since day 1 and I know to invent quite like you, then there Tony says that there is something special in my family The people So no, but my driver and my personal secretary are my family in this way and I have to go to them as soon as possible, not healthily, and tells Sir a plan. He tells us that we have to get out of here One The idea is that if we make a suit that does not have any effect on the bullets, then with the help of this suit we will be able to get out of this cave and meet our family again. Tonic does this thing and works on the suit Start Lets get out of all the missiles in that cave, Tony Stark, there is an element called Palladium which is very special and to give power to the creator, now I have told you what a tractor is today. Tony The electromagnetic car battery that was installed in the star’s body was not so powerful that it could last longer than that. Another creator is such a powerful machine that can do anything i. e.

Any mechanical thing for a long time. till Has the ability to deliver power and this is why Tony Star now gets involved in building the 1RK reactor. When he opens the missile, he gets 1. 5 grams of palladium, but you leader tells this scene that we this 1.6 runs are needed to make the whole operator. We need some more missiles or someone needs some more stuff. Then he says that you will get all the things you need and there are many things available. Get it done With his help, Tony Stark works hard to create a perfect last actor with his Genius Mind, although the score seems to be 10, but he is confused that this is what people are making.

Back Tony Star shows the pension in a blueprint that our real motive is to give power to this exemption and 1 day comes that completes the whole suit but it becomes known to tendering school and tendering when you are not head He goes on to kill, then the fast there says that I go ahead and stop these people till then you are downloading your suit and do not complete full power and you will get some time in it and in the meantime this Sim is very happy that 10 days of people are shot and wounded there and he goes out of that cave killing all the people present and when he sees that there are many weapons is Which is also for the start industries.

He burns them and starts his rocket launcher from there and takes a sip and takes a very high flight from there and falls in the same desert and falls in the evening. The reason Tonica, the suit which she has given to her mother, breaks in pieces and breaks herself in the desert, saving herself till 19. But because we knew that until you were level the hills are in those jeans and could never be broken, and when it comes to the open desert, the jeans road and its entire team will resuscitate the stale Turista in California.

Why Tony Stark Stop Making Weapons In Industry

When Mali arrives in Malibu, Tony Stark is the first to be called by his special bodyguard named Happy, who tells him to connect a press conference quickly and I have to give some interviews and with that Happy is back a lot. Only The big press conference arranges when you do not reach there, then the special friends of his father who are named, they also welcome Tony Star there when Turi goes in front of the press conference and then there On Everyone is ready to ask Tony a lot of questions and try to ask him what happened to you in Afghanistan and how you escaped from there but this story is very heart touching We can see Babur not saying rightly that I am also sitting down, all of you will also sit down. This interview is that which is a conference.

I want to sit in this way, then there is no saying that my Industry Which makes jilting a lot of big weapons, some terrorists caught me there and attacked me with my own made weapons and now I want to make a very big disclosure to all of you. back Tony Stark’s entire press conference tells someone that now I am going to stop whatever typhoon work is happening in my industry, that is, what I used to make weapons now, I am going to stop making many weapons to handle that that Dye also interrupts there and tells the press conference that Tony has been shocked due to the attack in Afghanistan and because of this he is making outrageous talk.

I will explain to Tony and we will again talk Will and goes to Turi and talks to him, asks what happened to you in Afghanistan and how you left the bowl from there, I was attacked by a lot of terrorists and also issued me a missile. The sample Told to prepare but ran an iron suit nearby and ran away from there and I also built an RK reactor to energize some iron suits. Do you want to see what that looks like then you and that too Says That yes I definitely have to see Daba opens his shirt on the 19th and secretly shows it to that small invented Yankee RK reactor. Then there are poems that it is a great discovery, we have to find this discovery all over the world. Of Should be brought to the fore but then he refuses and goes away

Tony Star Improving their arc reactor

Now because Tony is too much genius and a cat to be human, he tries to improvise the old arc reactor he has created and a new one. And He makes the character and calls the paper pot to fit it in his body and he tells the paper board that nothing you want to do is to remove this and the tractor and what I have made new and tractor is my body. Of If you want to fit inside, then the pick report there says that this is what it tells the 2 reports on medicine that some iron pellets have penetrated inside my body which are going to reach close to my heart but it And The tractor stops them from reaching and at the same time generates a new power B inside my body, there are three changes and we are shown who finds the train rings broken mother inside that desert and it is her Broken We try to create something new again by adding all the men.

We see that Tony Stark starts working on another new suit in his house 20 minutes, which he gives the name: First of all, Tony Stark Ours Works on shoes so that he uses fly by a cylindrical rockets that were capable of flying humans completely in the air. He just tries to use his 10:00% of those in the starting Check shoes To do but the power of ten percent is too much that it blows it up in the sky and then you do a great job on them and also by making them well then the power of one percent of these shoes again From Use now Tony gets success inside those shoes and at the same time he completes his master man suit and gets up from there to check the suit and reaches into the sky.

Because Now he has to guess the power of forgiveness even more, so the name of his computer is when he says that Generate full power inside this whole suit, I have to go as high as I can and when the team sky When he reaches a height of 1000 feet, his suit starts to cool down, snow starts to accumulate on his suit and at the same time his computer shuts down, due to which Tony starts falling to the ground but Then only So no, orders to restart your computer and in a short time Javed starts again and the Iron Man ie Jomato suit is there, again the electricity is generated inside it and from there you are not life Rescues and returns to his home when he arrives at his house, since then it is revealed that the first off vector which Pepperport had taken out of his hands is now Iron Man, by decorating the portports properly and writing on it, making a gift.

Iron Man puts it on the table and when Turi comes and sees that off vector on the table, he is very happy to see it, now Tony only comes to know that when the snow freezes at a higher height, this suit work This means that I have to change its metallic design, only then it uses titanium and gold metal to change its entire metallic design and whatever suits go even higher. Its Don’t know inside

Again Tony Stark go to Afghanistan

Breaking news is coming. Kovid-19 has given a very nice party in California and there is no invite to Doli level, that is, when Tony gets to know that you Gopi again with Audi that party Come in Goes and meets her at Pepperport there, they both spend some special moments there, but they start dancing among themselves, but then Preity Never Hearts arrives there, the photo does not tell everyone that the Jericho missile that you used in the US Army ie That Now many such missiles were sent inside Afghanistan. Experiments are being carried out on them inside a village named Gulmira in Afghanistan. The person is very angry and now he comes to know that if I have got these inside Gulmira Rocket Chan’s release does not recognize the missiles. You can go on any number of questions, O son or on screen and he goes late and he too asks lately, why did you send that Jericho missile to Afghanistan not to send those separatists?

Then The legislator over there says that son this is business and I can go to any extent for business. Tony is not able to bear this and he comes to his house in anger and when he comes home, he is in the TV One And the news comes to know that the village named Gulmira is in the place of job where many terrorists are gathering the men of that village and also killing women and children and this makes Tony even more more He gets angry and he again starts experimenting on his mother Futu even more with his waypans, laughing but there comes a fruit that makes the book completely his friend many All the abilities are there and flying with him arrives in Gulmira village in Afghanistan and after reaching there, he makes a sauce of all the terrorists and the potato that he has, the potato is separated and the fever is beaten apart and left.

Of Later, Turico discovers that the missile is still in his ranks, and he drops a small rocket launcher on the entire big missile, causing a huge explosion there. The explosion is detected by Edward Airport. Satellite And they try to find out the explosion according to which plane has exploded here and they find out that there is hardly a small aircraft that has penetrated into our area and bombed the companions Stayed There are pilots of the airport who try to find that unknown aircraft but they are none other than Iron Man is also small in size, due to which they fail to catch Iron Man. Huh Just then, Iron Man calls his friend Jeans Root and tells him that he is the plane and no one but himself, now you remove me from your friends and allow me to leave from here, then you Arjun Pilchhu says that there must be That The enemy’s enemy will be the ship that has eliminated its enemies. We need to take tension on this matter And bring your ships back again.

Reporters on Gulmira in Afghanistan start showing the text on TV along with 10 million questioning about who they voted for in Afghanistan, then there is China Fruit telling that it enemy The enemies will be planning, due to which they attacked each other with a missile on each other and when this TV news is still typing, then it seems that we have an enemy who is now fighting with us. ready And now he goes and meets for 10 days and tells him who he was. The catastrophe here devastated tells Tendering that he was of Tony level. He has an Iron Man suit with which he wreaked havoc here. And Now you are going to kill me too and now if you want to save your life from me, then I have a solution of that which he had made our suit before, now I have got many pieces of it.

If you give me a big amount then I will suit Of I can give you the design so that you can digest your life with Iron Man but how many kilometers Delhi dukes there for 10 days and from there steals that entire Mark One suit and runs away, on the other hand, know the Hatori level Walk It is said that O son is behind all these terrorist activities and this day’s hand is there and he comes with a paper pot and says if you can help me it is fit to go nearby and remove some informatics from his computer.

Tax Because now if he has all the information of this company, then he can risk this whole world to earn a big profit by selling all these information to terrorists, then the paper post there obeys Tony and reaches son If there is no one on the tongue in this day’s office, then starts his computer and puts it in a pen drive and starts storing all the information inside it, then only he gets a file there and inside which he finds it is Not that overtime The terrorists had ordered that if they remove Tony Star from his path, then all this information is coming out from there, only when there son or our master comes and he starts keeping an eye on him. Huh But in the matter of sins,

A lot of paperports get entangled with him and when the W Master checks his computer, he comes to know that the paper pot has taken all the important information from his computer message and then we have a And There are interviews with the new character, please call Sunil Coulson, in a way, an agent of the field who is leaving the paper reach from there, then he feels the phone call and tells the paper pot that we have Tony of Iron Man Iftar If you want to point out an interview of this, would you help us in this? Now because the paper pot knew that he was also keeping an eye on the dias and would not let him leave from there, he took the help of Phil Colon and told him that.

Yes I will help you to point out the interview and get me out of here quickly, on the other hand, now there is obit why there is danger, because now he knew that the tourist will come here in a short time and expose all its paths. scientist We go and ask them that the creator you are working on, whether it was completed or not, then we are shown there a very big and twitter size of a room but there All After all, the scientist now says that sir and our tractor is not yet complete, yet he tells the witch that the team had built it and the Creator sitting in a cave, but the person

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