The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Review & Honest Opinion on Overrated

Going into the show i was pretty excited i liked the outlandish and unique take one division had on the superhero genre and from that i had high hopes for falcon in the winter soldier this was going to be a long well-developed thriller with engaging and riveting conflicts but the show as a whole was just very bland i think the writing is the biggest culprit here and the formulaic pattern of the plot became very dull and repetitive for me the pattern was find a lead follow up on it and have an action scene then the bad guys escape and repeat the cycle this basically happened every episode and by the time the cycle repeated itself for a third time.

It just became very clear that the show’s core dna of plot structure was flawed the only interesting development within this cycle was working with zemo having a primary villain become an anti-hero and him ironically becoming more likable than your primary leads is pretty impressive and that mostly goes to daniel broll’s portrayal of zemo which to me is by far the best aspect of the show but this also highlights another major issue in that their primary leads aren’t that captivating for sam wilson a lot of his conflict throughout the show derives from just having a bad relationship with bucky their overall relationship felt way too childish at times like oh hahaha.

It’s so funny that they’re having a steering competition and then that paired with other scenes like sam giving bucky the silent treatment just comes off as immature and unlikable i get there’s supposed to be tension between these two characters but that’s not how you go about writing it for sam’s conflict as a whole only until the last two episodes do the writers explore the weight of inheriting the captain america title as a black man this would have made for a great internal conflict throughout the show but they.

It belongs to someone else so besides the conflict with bucky the only other main personal dilemmas that sam has to deal with is family and monetary issues people argue that this humanizes sam wilson and to a degree that’s true but the show spent way too much time in that area they gave us a big portion of family drama in the first episode and then for the fifth episode they double down and spend like 30 minutes on that subject no one wants to watch sam wilson repairing a boat for almost a whole episode especially since this happens before the finale it’s like okay well you’re humanizing this character who while not being a superhero doesn’t have a lot of interesting things going on and to contrast this with bucky his personal dilemma is actually fun to follow.

He has to deal with the mental anguish of being a mind controlled assassin and he has to make amends to give himself internal peace that is good character development but for sam it’s very bare bones and he’s the lead of the show and going into sam’s monetary conflict they bring this up in the first episodeabout how his family needs more money and that the banks aren’t giving him any loans in the long run for the show this conflict doesn’t really matter it feels like a waste of time a superhero story that uses monetary conflict correctly is spider-man for peter parker he has to balance protecting the city making money at his job spending time with his family and building up a relationship with his love interest all of these aspects put a vast amount of tension on his character because his schedule is so busy and he has a lot of responsibility and having to make money adds tension within that responsibility for sam wilson.

Him spending time with his family and worrying about money just felt like a side objective that felt largely unnecessary in the overall story so with the large amount of time they spent here in the show especially in the boat repairing episode i simply just got bored and contemplated skipping scenes which i never really want to do so looking away from the main characters i want to discuss the villain i can’t really think of a worse villain in the mcu than carly morgenthau not only is she not compelling but she’s also just flat out annoy ing there are other villains in the mcu that are very forgettable like malakith from thor to the dark world and i’m not even sure if that’s his name i’m just gonna assume that’s his name but i don’t remember him being annoying carly on the other hand is just an emotional teen who stumbled upon super strength and goes through the generic the ends justify the mean scenario but this time her reasoning doesn’t make sense you’re killing innocent people they’re not innocent they’re roadblocks in my journey and i’d kill them again.

If i had to wow no no no i didn’t mean it like that you tricked me into sounding like like what this is primarily exposed with sam’s conversation with carly and him trying to change her mind which i thought would have been a cool turn but then that’s just interrupted by a much needed action scene for whatever reason john walker had adhd in that moment and just wanted to bust into the conversation like the kool-aid man what would have made more sense was to have lamar die earlier in the story thus propelling john walker to not accept peace this would have made more sense for him to interrupt sam in his negotiation with carly from there i think the show would have been a lot better if john walker just killed the entire organization and became the primary villain john walker.

On his own was an interesting character study about how our idols and society are not flawless and that’s how i thought the show was going until he just turned out to be good all of a sudden in the final episode they literally leave us with him where he’s basically at rock bottom and then he shows up being a hero at the end why not explore the corrupt side of the governmen trying to enable a superhuman for their own benefit they partially explore this concept with isaiah bradley and how they buried him and it would have been more interesting if it was the same people taking advantage of john walker but instead we get a terrorist organization.

Where even the people within the organization seem to be questioning the loyalty to the cause so we’re working with criminals now also in what world does a large portion of the population support a cause where terrorists are killing people for it it just comes off as being very unrealistic and they had a big missed opportunity with using john walker as the primary villain so in that whole front i think they did a terrible job so a big part of the show is the action and i thought that choreography and everything on that front was good.

But, i think the overall set pieces for the action scenes were very bland and setting it feels like a lot of the action just takes place in doll ware house overall set pieces play a large role in how memorable and grand an action scene is but for falcon in the winter soldie really the only cool action set pieces were in the first couple of episodes like the mile high hostage rescue scene and the fight on the highway then after that it all just blends together into boring looking areas and i guess they maybe did this to save on their budget but yeah.

Overall i think falcon in the winter soldier is overrated given that it has a lot of high reviews i’m also someone who tends to really enjoy superhero movies and shows but i couldn’t really bring myself to fully enjoy the show the main redeeming qualities of falcon in the winter soldier is the cool tying of the dora melange john walker being a great villain the action choreography and zemo hanging out with the boys I really like their whole dynamic although it didn’t really feel realistic at times like when they kept working with zemo even when he executed the scientist right in front of bucky and sam they kind of dropped that pretty quickly and they just keep working with him.

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