The Invincible Finale Eight Explained with Omni man

The viltromites are kind of like their versions of kryptonians but with a really dark twist on it so because this is an amazon tv show and it’s very dark twist on dc comics also we have to talk about the boys tv show as well because that’s also a big twist on the justice league in marvel comics the boys obviously fantastic show.

We’re gonna be seeing season three i’ll be doing videos for that as well but whereas the boys is more of a parody of the tropes of traditional superhero comics like the tropes of the justice league stories in the dc characters they have a very different explainer for where superheroes really come from in the boys universe the difference with invincible is it is actually much closer to the real mythology of superman’s origin story in the comics and the other kryptonians in dc comics history.

So, it’s like what if you were super boy and superman was your father but also what if superman and the kryptonians were the villains of the story and the reason why they have mark witness his father killing the immortal is that he kind of recognizes what’s going on like he first he thinks that he’s been taken over by some alien parasite come to your senses give me meg my father but then he explains to them no i’m doing this at my own free will the funny thing about the immortal too.

I mean he seemingly kills him but as his name implies he is immortal you could spend a whole 30 minute video just explaining his character’s backstory but basically the idea is that you reassemble his body correctly eventually he’ll heal and he’ll come back to life as he did previously in the series they also follow that up at the end of the episode too with cecil bringing him back again but then omniman starts telling mark the dark truth about why he came to earth what his secret mission is that he wasn’t previously willing to tell his mother right away like.

He said we’ll talk later then flies right through the roof of the house but she’s listening to this entire fight this entire speech the whole time is monologue so she learns everything including the real wtf twist that omniman kind of thinks of her as a pet i’m gonna live forever so you have to imagine how that affects the way he perceives relationships like all these people on earth why do you care about them.

So, much they’ll be dead in the blink of an eye compared to our lifespan but effectively the first half of the episode is basically him punching mark into submission you can’t even call it a fight it’s more like a massacre that just slowly plays out across the planet him just throwing mark around dragging him around punching him through the planet to different cities trying to force him to submit. while destroying as much property as possible like you say that there was a lot of property destruction during the dc movies like man of steel during.

The justice league movie there were a couple of darker funny moments too like you kind of feel bad laughing but it is kind of ridiculous when he punches him down to the bottom of the ocean and then drags him back up he goes back through the other side of the cruise liner instead of just going around it like he could have gone in any direction flown in any direction but he decides to go back up through the cruise liner just because he wants to cause more damage but while this montage of punching and violence is happening he kind of glosses over some of the details of his backstory.

So, mark’s father nolan grayson is really the son of the former emperor of the viltromite people so mark actually comes from a royal bloodline technically he is a viltromite prince it doesn’t give him any special extra powers or anything like that but it does give him a level of immunity against some special viruses that are meant to target the viltrumite people specifically but what happened a long time ago in their people’s history is that nolan’s father the viltrumite emperor was assassinated by someone close to him who usurped the throne then thrag one of their most powerful vultromites to ever live got revenge killed the usurper he took control of their military.

There was a huge civil war and then he used that to reform their people’s culture in their ways so when he gets to the part of his speech where he talks about his race culling the week out so that only the strongest remained and it basically cut their population in half that’s what he’s referring to after thrag took control he instituted this policy where you see them all training against each other to become the strongest so if it wasn’t clear even though it feels like omniman is unkillable there are vultromites that are even more powerful than him which is the thrag character so you have to imagine that it’s a lot like superman fighting other kryptonians like there would be other kryptonians.

The Invincible Finale Eight Explained with Omni man

Who could potentially be stronger than superman given enough time so more superman references eventually the vulture my people became more imperialistic going around conquering the rest of the universe as he says during his speech and what they did is they would assign different voltromites to different planets having them integrate with people living there but secretly preparing the planet for full-blown filtramide invasion the very practical reason why he says they do things this way playing the long game instead of just rolling up to a planet and trying to take it over on.

The spot is because eventually they conquered so many planets around the universe they actually started to run into a manpower problem where they didn’t have enough viltromites to go to other new planets and conquer new places also they had problems with rebellions and uprisings alan the alien played by seth rogen kind of explains that towards the end of the episode when he’s talking to mark about the history of his home planet he said the reason why his home planet was destroyed was because his people rebelled against the vulture mites.

So. rather than take the trouble of reconquering them and using all these resources they just decided to cut their losses and blew the planet up so the reason why mark exists is because of that new program of them interbreeding and creating more viltromites that way that’s what omni man’s whole villain monologue here is about he’s trying to get mark to turn to the dark side join me and we can rule the universe together very star wars very apropos because mark hamill has a cameo seen as the art character the person who makes all the super suits one of the darker wtf moments during their fight is when omniman basically tells him that you don’t matter.

It’ll only take another 17 years to replace you implying that he could just fly off and have another child with another human woman because obviously he’s not going to go back to his mother but while this is happening he also clarifies some of their powers their races abilities so as they get older their aging process slows even more meaning that theoretically a pure voltromite could live indefinitely one with pure blood even mark who’s half filter might he says will live for thousands of years bare minimum.

So, this whole mission about him weakening the planet for invasion is why he killed the guardians at the end of episode one they were basically like the invincible series version of the justice league remember how cecil kept referencing that he tried to get omniman on several occasions over the years to join the guardians but he kept refusing and omniman kind of played it off like i don’t need them i don’t need any help he kind of tried to instill that belief in mark like don’t go joining any teams but mark wound up trying to join the teen team anyway or at least work with them.

It’s all because omniman always knew that eventually the guardians would be the first group that cecil would send after him earth’s last line of defense so he was systematically trying to earth’s defenses to take out\ every possible weapon they could use against him and i feel like steven yoon’s performance is invincible as mark was actually great in the episode you totally buy that he wouldn’t care about the viltromites at all like i don’t care about some race of people that i’ve never met before these are all my friends that you’re trying to kill so even though he valiantly tries to fight him it’s hilarious.

How quickly omniman shuts him down let’s just give you an idea of how much more powerful omniman is how unkillable he really is it’s all meant to be very tragic the way this plays out i feel like they did a great job of selling that during the episode like i had to sit down for a minute after i watch this think about my life think about my choices and one of the other best moments of the episode is the moment that gives him pause when he has the flashback just as he’s about to finish punching mark’s face in he flashes back to the baseball game.

When he was a child in the importance of his wife’s speech like see his happiness becomes your happiness aren’t you happy now watching him and this sort of reveals that he actually does care about mark he does care about his wife even though he says that he doesn’t at many times during the episode like he calls his wife a pet she’s more like a pet to me him sort of having that moment where he realizes he actually does care about mark is the only thing that saved his life the only reason he didn’t get smashed into a ball.

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