The Witcher TimeLine Explained from Season 1

The events mailee be confused as some things that happen in Episode four set up things in Episode one and yeah there’s a lot of time you why me wibbly-wobbly stuff so we’re just gonna be breaking it down as simply as possible to show you how the first season maps out anyway there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now we’re spoiling absolutely everything here.

So, you might want to check out if you’ve not seen the season yet without the way I just want to give a huge thank you for clicking this Article now sit back toss a coin you witch and let’s get into our timeline breakdown okay so the mainthing that you need to know about the witches timeline is that the show actually possesses three distinctive timelines that all center around the seasons three main characters they are Geralt yennefer and ciri the season initially seems to play out in chronological order with there being a reference to Siri and gerelds timeline in the first episode however not everything is as it seems this is all prophetic.

Actually a lot of things that are predicted in the season such as ciri dreaming of yennefer which we’ll get into later in this breakdown but we’ve kind of just laid everything out from beginning to end in order to make the most sense of it the timelines are deliberately put in place in order to confuse viewers and sort of drop mini twists in when you begin to realize that things on as they seem it’s an awesome way for the storyline to progress and it’s sort of adds a mystique to the proceedings of the season gerelds timeline is probably what I’d say is the main one as he’s the only character that meets both yennefer and ciri.

However at some points they’re all happening alongside one another in total they span across decades but yen’s timeline is actually the one that happens first so yep yennefer is old I’m talking like Prince Phillip old I’m saying like my wife in Borat voice old anyway the first see her she’s a hunchback who tends to a farm she’s pretty much tracked like how the Dursleys treat Harry Potter and nobody really likes her she is however a great example of why you should always be nice to the ugly girl in school we all in the hard way I still love you Lauren Thompson anyway we learn in the season that yen is half-elf and that her father died during a genocide known as the great cleansing in gerelds timeline they refer to this almost as a legend and therefore we know it happened a long time before we ever meet your wit sure for the first time we know that yen can’t really remember her father all that well.

So, he probably died when she was very young meaning that she arrived at Artoo’s er 15 years after the great cleansing we don’t know how long that yennefer stood there for but she ages very little between her arrival and ascension so we can probably guess that it was roughly between 4 to 5 years however all of this is happening long long before the birth of Siri up to at least 50 years prior yen begins developing her powers and slowly becomes one of the most powerful mages in the land she is tied to the sorceress though and must perform tasks for them the sorcerers are using their mages to control each kingdom strategically placing them in order to rule the courts she wants to go to Orden but this is refused by her bosses unless she turns to drastic measures in order to ensure that.

She gets her own way during this she has her appearance fixed and as we know from The Witcher law all magic comes with a cost so in order to receive Beauty she has to give up her ability to bear children the procedure ends with her womb being removed in order to achieve this yin gets a position in the court of Eden and she begins working there however this comes at the annoyance of fran Jilla who was sent to nilfgaard in yen’s place at this location for Angela begins to empower the kingdom and we learn that technologically it begins making leaps and bounds after her appointment there we also do know that it’s roughly about the time of yennefer this appointment that Geralt origins story happens as a young man he’s abandoned by his mother of a sinner bound by vesemir and trained to be a witch heir fingers crossed we get to see Bess Amir next time as there are rumors that he will be played by mark hamil that’s just some fan casting.

No, but yeah I would love to see it and maybe we will finally get the Luke Skywalker story we should have got a lot stopped before I start running from here yennefer begins working for the court in a position that spans 30 years here she has a couple of tragic events happened to her and she fails to save a mother and a baby which massively changes her opinion on mages kingdoms sorcerers and so on it’s during this time that Geralt begins to have some adventures he meets straggle ball lifts a strike occurs and so on and so on this is pretty much where his story picks up in episode 1 and his timeline and adventures flow from this point onwards these tales are immortalized in songs and for the next couple of decades he becomes renowned throughout the witcher land yennefer abandons her post at the court and begins working independently though.

We don’t know how long she does this for roughly though yennefer timeline takes place over about the space of 70 years so we can assume that it was roughly about 10 years yeah this show is kind of all over the place and no one ages but that’s just what we can gather from lip service that’s dropped after gaining a reputation and Geralt attends a royal ball at sintra Queen kalantay is looking for a suitable husband for a daughter princess pavetta and during this time she insults a representative of nilfgaard which eventually gives reason for their invasion later in the timeline but earlier in the show yeah it’s very confusing in addition to this the court is sent in the shock when pavetta reveals that she already has a suitor named Donny Donny had been cursed at the age of 13 by a mage but with the help of Geralt.

They are able to lift it as a thank-you a dunny gives Geralt the lure of surprise which turns out to be princess ciri who now has a fate tied with The Witcher Geralt continues traversing the land and with Jesse er he discovers a gin bottle in a lake and from this receives three wishes not long after he meets yennefer and he binds his fate to her with his last wish we never find out what this is however there are some fan theories online that girl actually wish that they would have a baby together this would not only save a life but it would also make it that one day she would be able to have children it also makes their fates tied together and is probably the most likely theory that I’ve seen though as I’ve said this has never been confirmed yen and Geralt begin their on-again off-again relationship and separate for a couple more years however they bump into each other once more on the adventure involving the golden dragon this seems too good to be true and yen realizes that the last wish by Jerrold probably is behind it.

She gets angry and storms off and this is the last time that the characters meet in season 1 Geralt goes to sintra and queen kunti encode tried to trick him into guarding effects ciri though he discovers this and is eventually jailed for it milf God invades sintra and Queen Kunti dies before passing she instructs ciri who is now 14 to go and fight Geralt during the invasion Geralt goes looking for her but he’s unable to find her and she flees to the wilderness cahier searches for her and ciri realizes that she has incredible powers she goes to broccoli in and is tricked by a shape-shifter nilfgaard want her bad and they’re also pretty much ravaging the entire landscape fringe illa.

Who is now leading the nilfgaardian army attends court at user and a civil war happens it’s during this time that the big battle at the bridge takes place in which foreign Jilla attempts to take one that will give her andi Romi’s access to the northern kingdoms this is known as the Battle of southern Hill and it does have the potential to turn the tide of the war it’s an awesome action scene that is definitely one of the highlights of the show and though it’s not completely carried across just how instrumental this location will be in the war defending it is of the utmost importance yennefer and a squad managed to save the day and she unleashes all the powers at once completely decimating the forces in nilfgaard and killing many many people this is Jennifer’s last appearance in the season and after unleashing everything.

She disappears during this time Geralt is badly injured and he’s taken care of by a stranger he has a vision of his mother of a Senna and in the season finale he comes across Siri Siri asks you yennefer is as she’s been having dreams about the character and the show cuts to black ending the first season so that’s all of the events in the first season’s timeline we did skip over some of the events just to keep everything streamlined but that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the main events in the show.

We do know that going forward season two will have a lot more streamlined timeline and that the events will be happening in chronological order finally so no more head-scratching promise well I don’t know that for definite but I’m really hopeful hopefully this article is helping and I definitely think the show’s narrative us that it keeps it really engaging and I loved watching the events unfold in the way that they did this is a really unique show made all the more unique because of its structural layout I had a lot of fun putting this together and it was brilliant revisiting the show with a new understanding of how things were happening anyway that’s everything you need to know about the timeline.

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