What do we know about The Witcher Season 2?

The Witcher is a series of books authored by Polish writers Andrzej Sapkowski and Przemyslaw  Truściński. These books were adapted into movies but were not that well known outside Poland. In 2007, when game developer CD Projkt Red took this story and made it into a game, it was a huge hit. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, in 2001, was the game that shot up in popularity and the story of The Witcher, since then, has been well known, at least in the gamer community.

In 2019, Netflix decided to retell the story of The Witcher with the actor Henry Cavill, very well known for his performance as Superman in multiple movies. Henry plays Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter and that, basically, has been his job for centuries.

If you are reading this, then you most probably have already seen the show. But if not… SPOILER ALERT!

How Season 1 ended:

Lets recap the last episode of season 1, shall we?

In the battle for Sodden Hill, many mages are left dead by Nilfgaard and Fringilla. Tissaia recruits Yennefer to her cause and coordinates the defense of the structure. Following a touching moment with a wounded Tissaia, Yennefer releases a powerful wave of fire, which results in the halting of the entire battle.

Meanwhile, Geralt is in the woods protecting a farmer from zombie-like monsters. He gets injured during the fight and falls unconscious. The farmer takes Geralt back to the farm that he owns. Geralt has visions of his mentor and his mother on the way to the farm.

Coincidently (or by destiny, we can say) Ciri has found herself on the same farm where Gerald was being taken. Ciri runs into the forest and Geralt follows. Geralt and Ciri, bound by the Law of Surprise, feel their calling towards each other and meet in the woods, continuing Ciri’s destiny.

Ever since the first season ended, we all have been excited about Gerald and Ciri finally crossing paths. It had been a nail-biter throughout, with the different timelines and their paths never colliding. Excitement is ripe as fans are yearning to know what lies ahead for our power couple Geralt and Yennefer. The final battle was Yennefer’s show to steal and she did so effortlessly. Ciri’s powers are yet to be revealed in their awesome totality, and what awaits the fate of Nilfgaard’s army, now cozied up with Fringilla?

Even though this season’s plot has been tightly kept under wraps, we know, sure enough that there is going to be an unexpected return of a character which has led to speculation among the fans.

Actors who are back on set:

One of the actors who have announced their return is actress Therica Wilson-Read, who plays the character Sabrina, who was last seen under the influence of a malignant worm-parasite and battling Yennefer, played by actress Anya Chalotra. We last saw Sabrina falling from the great tower, and fans hope her character gets back on her feet soon.

Royce Pierreson, who plays Istredd (Yennefer’s ex, if you may) is also back for the shooting of season 2. Though the former lovers left things on the hook and seem estranged for now, Istredd’s story arc is full of intrigue, and might even take up a renewed plotline. His character in the books is contained to only a few stories, but he might figure significantly in the series.

Ever since Wilson Radjou-Pujalte  posted a story of himself on Instagram with a badge familiar in all The Witcher’s crew cirlces, it seems like Dara is making his comeback too for season two. And he’s in with all the shooting fun with the rest of the cast. His character may be given a higher edge this season, as there are reports that say he could soon be part of the elven guerilla movement, Scoia’tael.  Also, rumors suggest that Imogen Daines, who plays sex worker Danica, is back for season two, although her role presently in the plot is unknown.

More action is promised by quite a few other cast members of the current season in Arborfield Studio, The Witcher’s headquarters, and perhaps on different locations when it’s safe enough.

Season 2 of The Witcher promises more entertainment and complexity of character, as its legions of fan wait with bated anticipation. There was a pause in the shooting of season two because of the global pandemic but it seems to have now resumed in full force. A peek into the shooting is proof enough, with a video of a crucial (and, obviously, awesome) fight scene involving Henry Cavill, as Geralt, and other cast members making the rounds on the internet lately.

We wish they all stay responsible and safe during the shooting of The Witcher Season 2, in this “new normal”.

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