Will Cavill Be Interested To Play The Role Of Super spy?

The release of Superman has turned Henry Cavill into a sensation that has called for numerous projects on his hand. The aura of seriousness emitting from his work “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” along with the fighting skills picked up from the characterization portrayal of “The Witcher” has turned him into the man we want to see on the screen. His reputation has increased day by day and all credit is due to the immaculate presentation of the characters.

However, the varied range of characters not only added to his potpourri-Esque illustration but turned him into a versatile actor who can take up the role of any personality he wants.

But there’s one character that each and every actor from Hollywood wants to portray in their own style. Starting from Idris Elba to Tom Hardy, each and everyone wants a piece of stature by playing the role of the notorious James Bond.

Now that the reprisal of the new James Bond movie is on the news, the question of Henry Cavill wanting to reprise the role has arisen. It’s no news that Cavill wanted to take the role of playing the spy for a long time.

The Question Of Interest

The question of interest arose as soon as the reprisal of the new Bond movie started to brew. Once asked by a reputed magazine, British GQ, about the role of Bond, Cavill commented that he would gladly take the role of the spy if the producers of the franchise Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson deemed it just.

He commented “If Barbara & Mike were eager for that, I would certainly jump at the vacancy because at this stage, it’s all up in the air. We’ll see what transpires. But yes, I would be honored to play the character of Bond, it would be very, very sensational”

When Did The Interest Begin?

It has been suggested that the interest to play the character of Bond has found its seed in the heart of Cavill since the audition of Casino Royal took place. When the audition for the lead of Casino Royal was going on, Cavill put himself in the front for the representation of the role. However, to his dismay, his weight earned him disapproval from bagging the role of the spy.

He recalled the experience he had while auditioning for the role as he remembers the director of the movie calling him ‘chubby’. He claimed that his weight was the backdrop for him not landing the role. He added further that he could have prepared better for the role, however, his lack of knowledge about the science behind diet and exercise led him astray.

He commented “I didn’t understand how to train or diet but I’m delighted because Martin said what needed to be said because I responded to it to the truth. It helped me get better.”

The Undying Inspiration

It has been more than ten years since Cavill auditioned for the role of Bond and heard the director call him out. But it shaped his own path where he can be called a ‘better’ suited person for the reprisal of the role. Even though the upcoming Bond movie, ‘No Time to Die’ will be the last one where Daniel Craig will be seen as the sensational spy. Nonetheless, it opens opportunities for new faces to take the role of the super spy.

Many actors have been suggested for the role of Bond, in which Idris Elba is leading the race. However, all of these talents, along with Cavill are better suited to play the position. Now it all depends on the casting director and the director of the franchise to select the new face for the Bond movie.

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